angela saxon

My work is an exploration of nature. Working directly from the landscape, I paint the sublime I experience in nature: shifts of light, shape, color. Finding a language to describe what I see and leading a viewer to see likewise– in my work and in turn, in the natural world– is the measure of my success.

My eye is just drawn into places in the landscape. Light playing across a meadow, huge clouds towering over the lake, it’s always captivating to me. Sometimes I wonder how many times I can paint a cloud over a lake, but so far it’s new to me everytime. And I think that it is through this subject matter that my work is starting to move away from the literal…expressing more of the emotion of what I’m looking at, not just the imagery.

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Artist CV
  • Saxon Allegro 38x48 acrylic on canvas
  • Saxon Yellow Yellow 38x48 acrylic on canvas
  • Balance 30x40 acrylic on canvas
  • Pink Gold Morning at the Lake 24x20 acrylic on canvas
  • Goldfield 48x36 acrylic on canvas
  • Saxon Languid Waters 10.75x7 gouache watercolor crayon on paper sold
  • To the Lake 8.5x7 (14x11matted) gouache watercolor crayon on paper
  • Sentinels 11x8 (21x25.5 matted) gouache and watercolor crayon on paper
  • High Summer 9x11.75 (16x20 matted) gouache and watercolor crayon on paper