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Character brings with it many shades of meaning and an innate power to teach. Deep within each word lies the ability to draw magic from its surroundings and history. A sentence has a secret story which lies buried within implied spaces, hidden from plain view.

Sho is much more than a simple act of communication that conveys singular and predefined messages. For me, sho is the vivid and manifold expression of characters, words and sentences. It is emerges, through our own sensibilities, and unveils the mosaic of feelings and emotions hidden within the void.

A character is alive. Within a single word or character there exists an infinite depth of differently shimmering dimensions and readings waiting to be drawn out. Although the character remains the same, the impressions that each character or word makes in our hearts is different according to the emotions they touch, the memories they bring forth, and the feelings we carry away from them.


Moving beyond classical communication, Noriko Maeda’s calligraphy makes language into art. Ink, water, brush, paper, each with its own character and qualities, come together to make a unique statement. Mastering these elements, Maeda is able to move from ancient pictographs, through classical block style, through script to a free interpretation of each character or poem. The rhythmic movement of the brush flowing layers of ink onto paper creates a graphic image to be framed, applied to a scroll, to decorate a lantern or become part of the interior design of a room. A cultural ambassador in her own right, Maeda demonstrates and teaches calligraphy. She has shown her work throughout Canada and Japan.

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