Whether it’s something still and serene or overcome by the powers of a storm, I take from the landscape its ability to stir emotions associated with higher consciousness and self-awareness.

Chung’s works are often quite detailed, although her most essential concern is the “evocation of a mood or a feeling.” Chung also strives to encapsulate how landscape evolves over time, and this plays into her process: her method of building up paint and then scraping it off relates to the notion of the forces of erosion. The result is dramatic and highly sensorial — enough so that when Chung paints a picture of a brook, you might just think you hear it babble.

Naomi Chung is a painter and printmaker from Virginia. She has her MFA in painting from University of Pennsylvania and her BFA in painting and printmaking from Virginia Common-wealth University. She is an art educator and printmaking professor at universities such as William and Mary, VCU and Penn. Chung’s work has both its content and inspiration in nature. Her abstracted landscapes are a process of layering and scraping away the paint.

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  • Red Lilies 30x35 oil on canvas
  • Okame 20.5x18 oil on canvas
  • Bloom in Yellow 25x28 oil on canvas
  • Red Summer Spell 58x70 oil on canvas