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Richard Oversmith completed his training in Fine Art and Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1995. During this time, he also studied at the Royal college of Art in London, England, where he practiced plein air painting and realized his passion for oil painting. After graduation, Richard returned home to North Carolina to work as a professional artist.

Richard’s landscapes are inspired by the natural beauty of western North Carolina’s countryside, although he has also painted in various other regions across the U.S. as well as abroad. His style is inspired by his study of past masters, contemporary artists that he admires, and his own artistic development. Richard works in oil on linen and strives to provoke an interaction between the viewer and his piece of art work. Each of his works evokes a certain mood, as a result of Richard’s use of color, edges, value, and drawing. Whether he is developing a landscape or still life, Richard is inspired by the scene in which he is working as well as his own imagination.

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  • Distant Mountains 24x30 oil on canvas
  • August Sun 14x20 oil on canvas
  • Chickens 30x36 oil on canvas
  • River Rocks 16x20 oil on canvas
  • First Light Foothills 11x14 oil on canvas
  • Spring Has Sprug 14x18 oil on canvas
  • River Shimmer 12x16 oil on canvas
  • Still Life with Daisies 20x16 oil on canvas
  • Coffee and Pastries 30x20 oil on canvas
  • Hollyhocks 30x20 oil on
  • Chickens and Birches 16x12 oil on canvas
  • April Blooms 12x12 oil on canvas
  • Winter Glow 24x24 oil on canvas
  • Snow Covered 12x24 oil on canvas
  • Spring Calves 14x18 oil on canvas
  • Blowing Springs 11x14 oil on canvas
  • Blue Grass Valley 16x20 oil on canvas