cfaf19_5a2f580fb35a4f531d26f83b273097a8I’m passionate about ‘colours’ and their ‘combination’. The colours and texture of my pottery are inspired by Japanese woodblock print (ukiyoe) and naturally dyed fabrics and wools.  My work is also  influenced by my Japanese back ground and my education in the UK, which allows me to create a fusion between ‘contemporary’ and ‘traditional’ ceramics.

I constantly seek a balanced way to bring all these elements together in my work–design, technique, materials and concepts, hoping that my pottery will fit harmoniously into any lifestyle.

Mayumi Yamashita was born and grew up in the smallest coastal area (Kagawa) of South-West Japan. After graduating with first class honors in Contemporary Crafts course at Falmouth University (UK) in 2012, she then returned home to set up her own ceramist studio.


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