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IMG_0255+copyEve Stockton’s woodcut prints are inspired by close observation of nature and an eclectic interest in science. Her woodcuts depict nature at different scales, often simultaneously.  Whether micro or macro in scope, nature’s energy is evoked by abstracted shapes and chromatic layering.

The presentation of certain prints in series helps to enlarge on themes of variation and emergence.  For example, the large-scale woodcuts from the “Bloom” series explore change and transition in the natural world, as well as in individual forms and phenomena.  Within her variable groupings, colors shift to suggest the passage of time or the process of evolution.

Utilizing a multifaceted background in architecture and art, Eve is able to engage the variables of printmaking, allowing her to produce an ongoing body of dynamic, graphic images.  The artist has degrees in architecture from Yale and Princeton University and it follows that the study of structures in nature is evident in her work.

A winner of many awards, Eve recently received a Juror’s Award from Katherine Blood, Curator of Fine Prints, Library of Congress in the Maryland Federation of Art Art on Paper exhibition. She also received Second Prize in a national Prints Americas Juried Competition.  Her artwork has been regularly featured on the cover of Nature Genetics Magazine and will be on the cover February 2015.  Her prints are in many corporate, university, and private collections.

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  • Stockton Bloom var. 70 36x36, wood block print on paper
  • Stockton Bloom var. 32 36x36, wood block print on paper
  • Stockton Jaune Bloom 36x36, wood block print on paper
  • Stockton Faded Trees 36x36, wood block print on paper
  • Stockton Big Seascape with Watercolor Diptych IX, left and right, 1/1, 2012 woodcut print on paper, 36 x 36 inches (each), 36 x 72 inches (as diptych)
  • Stockton Zumscape 10, 1/1, 2013, woodcut print on paper mounted on dibond, 36 x 36 inches (each)


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