12042641_732022143570699_8471859895799998302_nBorn in 1944 in South Carolina, William Jameson always felt strong ties to his native region. Today he resides and paints in Saluda NC. Bill credits growing-up surrounded by the natural beauty and rich history of South Carolina with inspiring his childhood ambitions of becoming an artist. After studying with Frank Rampola at the Ringling School of Art in Florida, Jameson continued his studies while teaching landscape painting and life drawing as a graduate assistant at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Bill has drawn inspiration from a wide array of bodies of work, ranging from the drypoint etchings of American landscape artist, Chauncey Foster Ryder to the Renaissance masterpieces of Titian.

Bill’s passion for history and nature allow him to create introspective landscapes embodying the full range of local color and timeless contrasts, whether the setting captures the brilliant, warm colors heralding the arrival of fall in the North Carolina mountains or the rich Tuscan countryside dotted with cool blue/green olive fields in bloom among the red-earth shades of freshly upturned soil. Rejecting the term “scene” in reference to these works, Bill defines his landscapes as “explorations.” This approach to his subject matter enables Bill to create compositions that go beyond mere depictions of the surface beauty offered by the environs. Jameson explores his subject matter in detail, in the process revealing the mystery and profound power of nature. The effect is a literal and sentimental interpretation of nature; each painting is a reflection of the dual-relationship between man and nature; painter and observer.

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  • Jameson Autumn Ridge 12x12 oil on panel
  • Woodland Light 30x40 oil on linen
  • Highland Spring 36x36 oil on canvas
  • Fall on the Jackson River, 24x18, oil on linen
  • Late Summer on the Jackson 12x16 oil on panel
  • Appalachian Textures XIX 30x40 oil on linen