In my photographic work I seek to distill and dramatize natural elements, transforming them into symbolic metaphor. I embrace the often clichéd or sentimental botanical portrayal, presenting objects in ways that infuse them with an enigmatic quality that expands expectations and tweaks the imagination.

For years I have experimented with digital capture and computer printing techniques, manipulating the media to push the limits of traditional photography. Organic specimens, such as flowers, fruit, vegetables, or seedpods, are presented close-up and in isolation, calling for a deeper observation that is paradoxically both expansive and reductive. Smoky, nuanced surfaces and rich colorations are decidedly romantic, yet the content is designed to suggest multiple symbolic analogies—tulip petal as the flank of a horse, a wing as the surface of a leaf, a blossom as a cloud. Imperfections appear, and suddenly something that at first felt direct and familiar becomes ineffably psychological, even surreal.

Using the latest technological imaging tools along with his background in graphic design and photographic illustration, the work of John Grant captivates the viewer and brings new attention to the beauty that lies within our daily reach. From the cover of Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon to the gallery walls at Kew Gardens, London, where he recently placed in two categories of the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition, Grant’s work is found in many major collections, including The United States National Institute of Health, The United States Federal Reserve Board, the permanent collection of Capital One, and many other private collections.

Grant is represented by Getty Images worldwide, by Kathleen Ewing Gallery in Washington, D. C. and by Les Yeux du Monde Gallery in Charlottesville. He works out of his home studio in Charlottesville.

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  • Spring Bouquet 18x21 (image)
  • Dance 20x18 (image)
  • Quince on Gray 18x20 (image)
  • Inky Iris 22x20 (image)
  • Woven 20x18 (image)
  • Bouquet 17x16 (image)
  • Moonflowers 23x21 (image)
  • Blue Aspens 20x18 (image)
  • December Quince 24x20 (image)
  • Morning Glory Blues 22x22 (image)
  • Overly Excited Poppy 25x23 (image)
  • Winter Bloom Deep Rest 21x18 (image)