Marlene Rye frames one of her pieces to get ready to show at Paradise City.Return to a time when nature was more than a backdrop that you walked through or drove by, a time in your childhood where all the fairy tales had not been outgrown or explained away.  Then imagination ran free, yet unacquainted with the adult world of ‘facts’.  Here was a world not yet defined, not yet labeled and categorized.  Remember finding that magical tree where anything and everything was possible, that secret space where trees became circus performers, magicians, dancers, and all things fantastical.  It was a world so charged, so brimming with possibility that you could close your eyes and see the space through your whole body, with all your senses.   It was a child’s world and only children can truly live there.  I have explored this world throughout my life and work.

The scenes I depict do not exist in the physical world.  Each piece is an invention born out of the process but like a newborn child, always a surprise.  Through pouring and wiping, the application of brayer, palette knife, and sander, and sometimes the stroke of an actual brush each piece emerges from the white canvas.  What coalesces there is an image where time and season, scale and shape become indefinite and fluid. The works are always full of wonderment of nature through a child’s eye.  As in dreams or memories, everything is brighter, more fanciful, surprising, and magical.  The world of the child will always belong to children but I invite you to visit it with me anew.

Marlene Rye has an A.B. from Smith College and an M.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.  She has studied under Andrew Forge, Barbara Grossman, John Moore, and Martha Armstrong.  Her work has been shown nationally and has been accepted into juried shows with distinguished curators from the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Guggenheim.

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  • The Ascent 19x24 pastel on paper sold
  • Reach pastel on paper 25x9
  • River\'s Edge 11x14 pastel on paper
  • Sweet Spot 11x14 pastel on paper
  • Density 16x20 pastel on paper
  • Heart Song 25x19 pastel on paper
  • The Connection 30x40 oil on canvas
  • The Earth Moves 40x30 oil on canvas
  • Tree Swing 24x48 oil on canvas
  • Wrap Around 11x14 pastel on paper
  • Criss Cross 11x14 pastel on paper
  • Into the Woods 11x14 pastel on paper
  • Follow Me 30x48 oil on canvas
  • Climbing Dance pastel on paper 25x9
  • Behind the Looking Glass 36x36 oil on canvas
  • Fire on the Edge 11x14 pastel on paper
  • Calligraphy Tree 34x54 oil on canvas
  • Down the Rabbit Hole 36x36 oil on canvas
  • Line Poetry 34x58 oil on canvas