Recognized primarily as a contemporary landscape painter, Earl Lehman’s interpretations of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s terrain are inspired by his deep regard for nature. His paintings may be seen as a his response to his environment, to the extraordinary beauty of his surroundings on any given day, whether it be the burgeoning of spring, the green glow of summer, or the desolate quiet of winter.

His paintings express wonder and joy, quietness and longing; they are his emotional response to his encounter with nature and the relatedness of all things. At ease with his medium, his subject, and himself as an integral part of the artistic process, Lehman’s paintings are spontaneous yet intelligent, bold yet sensitve. Line and color convey the essential qualities of nature and embody mother nature’s vitality.

Along with being a professional artist and resident artist throughout Pennsylvania, Lehman has served as juror, panelist, advisory board member and community volunteer. He has been the preparator of exhibitions at Sordoni Art Gallery, Wilkes University for 15 years.

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  • Jackson River III 16x16 acrylic
  • Early Autumn, Bath County 12x12 mixed media unframed
  •  Late Autumn, Bath County 12x12 mixed media unframed
  • Lehman Late Summer 10x10 oil on panel
  • Lehman Moonlit Stream 10x10 oil on panel
  • Lehman Winter Evening 6x6 acrylic on paper