My paintings express my passion for my favorite subjects, and my desire to create images that are beautiful and pure. For me, the point is not to create a souvenir of a place, or an accurate illustration, but rather to try to capture the barest essence and to create luminous, sparely composed paintings while still revealing emotional undercurrents. I enjoy stripping away detail and balancing the composition over large fields of color, making small spaces between things, and overlooked everyday subjects come more clearly into focus.

Born in New York City, Ellen Granter grew up outside of Rochester, New York. She received a BA in political science and a master’s degree in Chinese history from the University of Vermont. She studied Mandarin Chinese for seven years and lived in both Hong Kong and Beijing. She currently works as an art director for an educational publishing firm. As an antidote to the constraints of her computer-intensive graphic design career, Ellen paints. “To brush dabs of oil on a surface, in a human effort to capture the sublime, is a challenge that has made me hyper-aware of the textures, shapes, and patterns of daily life. I believe that a beautiful painting is both a gift of vision and a testament of appreciation for our short lives here on this beautiful Earth.”

Ellen is represented by several galleries throughout New England and included in numerous corporate collections: Boston Private Bank, Liberty Mutual Insurance, The Oyster Harbors Club, Enterprise Bank of Andover, Pearson Prentice Hall. She has exhibited at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, the Whistler House Museum of Art, and the Concord Art Association. Ellen has been a member of the Copley Society, Boston, since 2002. Ellen’s work is on display during the months of November and December.

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  • Granter Around Once 30x30 oil and goldleaf on canvas
  • Granter Oh Very Young 24x24 oil on canvas
  • Granter Instincts 20x20 oil and goldleaf on canvas
  • Are You Content 20x20 gold leaf on oil on canvas
  • Granter Seed Song 8x10 oil on panel
  • Good Run gold leaf, oil on canvas
  • Fleeting 10x10 oil on canvas
  • Goldfinches 36x36 silver leaf on oil on canvas
  • Beautiful Lofty Things 30x30 silver leaf on oil on canvas

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