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Andras Bality paints in the villageMy paintings deal with human activities which take place in the conceptual as well as the physical space between two points: the space between mind and matter, between the spoken and the unspoken, between the world as pure concept and the world as empirical fact.

After he completed his undergraduate work at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1985, Bality did graduate work at Cyprus College of Art, Lemba, Cyprus, in 1987.  Since then his work has been shown in a number of solo exhibitions in Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina.  Bality’s work has also been selected for a number of group exhibitions which include the Wall Street Galleries, New York, NY; the Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary; and the Ora Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Bality is the recipient of numerous awards including the Virginia Museum of Fine Art Professional Fellowship 2002 and the Theresa Pollak Visual Arts Awards 2013.  His work is in many corporate and private collections, including  the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center  Charlottesville, VA; The Anita and Richard Towell Centenial Collection Richmond, VA; College of William and Mary; University of Richmond Marsh Art Gallery Virginia Commonwealth University Anderson Gallery; Medical College of VA; Country Club of VA; Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond, VA; Owens and Minor, Richmond, VA; Dominion Resources, Richmond, VA; Capital One Bank Richmond, VA; and Markel Richmond, VA.

Andras Bality’s paintings capture the commonplace and cause us to smile and recall the sights and sounds and smells and mood of a day well spent. Drawn to the work of the impressionists, Bality is captivated by the immediate, the fluctuating, the obscured and the atmospheric. His color sense celebrates the adventurous palette and strong composition of the post impressionists while his subject matter brings to mind mid-to- late 19th century American realism.

Bality’s paintings are narratives that allow us to fill in the blanks according to ones own particular enthusiasms, for are not the most enjoyable stories those in which we insinuate ourselves? His images speak of the fleeting and the timeless, the particular and the encompassing. Simply put, Bality’s work celebrates the commonplace and is an open invitation to take notice and appreciate the normal that is happening all around us.
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  • Sandbridge Shadow on Beach 36x48 oil on canvas
  • Sandbridge Ocean Swell 10x12 oil on canvas
  • Sandbridge Shadow on Beach 10x12 oil on canvas
  • Sandbridge Beach Path 24x30 oil on canvas
  • Figure in Black on the Beach 10x12 oil on canvas
  • Candide of the York River 20x24 oil on canvas
  • Page Co Tour Sprinkles 10x12 oil on canvas
  • Windy Cove Bridge 11x26 oil on canvas
  • Warm Springs Hay Bales 30x40 oil on canvas
  • Windy Cove Farm 24x30 oil on canvas
  • James River Day 2 24x30 oil on canvas
  • Jefferson Baths 24x36 oil on canvas
  • Russian Olive 24x30 oil on canvas
  • Girls Horse Camp 36x48 oil on canvas
  • Fields of Wildflowers 24x36 oil on canvas
  • Chimney Run Chicken Barn 16x20 oil on canvas
  • Garth Newel Warm Up 10x12 oil on canvas
  • Artist Daniel Graziano Painting Sam Sneads 10x12 oil on canvas


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