andy farkas

CS_111114_54753_opt_0The true nature of my work lies in telling stories,” he says. “The medium of story goes beyond ink, paint, words and music . . . it is a profound medium of which life itself is a tool.

Andy Farkas is a print and book artist who has been studying and developing his craft for over twelve years. His work has been exhibited internationally and nationwide in numerous galleries and institutions, from which he has received accolades in the form of guest lectures, visiting artist workshops as well as artist residencies for the development of further projects. In addition to his work in the media of woodcut, wood engraving, drypoint, etching and book design, Farkas has also written the accompanying literature for each of his books.  His work is in the collections of Skidmore College Special Collections, NY; University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC; Minnesota Center for Book Arts, MN, and many other special print collections.

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  • His Great Discovery, 11x6 wood engraving with handset type
  • Shine, 16x11 moku hanga with handset type
  • The Other Story, 11.5x6.25 wood engraving and handset type
  • The Strength to Carry On, 11x6 wood engraving with handset type
  • Here It Was Mild and Gentle, 11x8 moku hanga with handset type
  • All I Need,6.25x10 moku hanga with letterpress
  • Eternity, 9.5x13.5 wood engraving with handset type
  • I Promise 6x10 moku hanga woodblock print
  • Of Course Theres Still Room detail 9x13 wood engraving
  • Our Boat 13x8 wood engraving. Text reads: No matter where they go, and whatever becomes of them, it will always be their boat.
  • Small Things 10.5x6.5 wood engraving. Text reads: It was the start of only a small thing, but, it is only the sum of many small things that makes something great.
  • Pure Potential 9.5x6.5 wood engraving.  Text reads: Never knowing would be the most difficult. The pure potential of it, the most inspiring.
  • Float 7.5x13 wood engraving
  • Bloom 6x9 wood engraving. Text reads:  It was when she no longer thought them necessary, that they bloomed.
  • Afterwards 10.5x6.5 wood engraving