richard kooyman


The writer James Joyce believed that the best art was that which “grabs the viewer and arrests them and turns their focus outward from themselves.” It is my hope that others seeing my paintings can focus their attention outward and become moved by the expansive beauty of the painted surface.

Richard Kooyman received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Grand Valley University and was awarded a Collage of Art and Design Fellowship to attend Ohio State University where he earned a Masters Degree in Fine Arts (1982). He was awarded a Michigan Council for the Arts grant, the Michigan Governors Award, and a National Endowment for the Arts grant. Kooyman has lectured on the subject of art to art organizations, given numerous workshops along with being a visiting artist at various educational institutions, most recently the University of Minnesota in Mankato, MN.  Kooyman exhibits and sells his work nationally.

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  • Kooyman-Red-Bird-44x49-oil on canvas
  • Kooyman-Flora-and-Fauna-40x40-oil on canvas
  • Kooyman Eevening Along the Lake 20x20 oil on canvas
  • Kooyman Nature 30x30 oil on canvas
  • Kooyman The Fox and Deer Await Spring 14x18 oil on canvas