OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABorn in Waikato, New Zealand in 1947, Greg studied industrial design at Wellington Polytechnic in the mid 1960s. In 1972 he began as a full-time potter with Mirek Smisek at Otaki and later with Yvonne Rust in Northland. He established his first workshop in Golden Bay and later moved to Whangarei, where he resides today.

Although much of Greg’s work leans toward functional domestic ware, reflecting his training with Smisek, Greg now works primarily in larger scale vessels in the tradition of Hamada and Leach. Shino and tenmoku glazes and incised decorations yield spectacular pots. Reduction fired stoneware and porcelain clays, both dug locally and prepared in his workshop continue to be a prime attraction.

Barron has exhibited may of his works at national and international exhibitions. In 1995 he was selected by the Northland Craft Trust as a master potter to tour China and give workshops to Chinese ceramic artists. He was also awarded the Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award in 1998. Since then he has won several awards, including the Cleveland Art Award, the Birkenhead Art Award, the Norswear Art Award, and in 1999 his work was awarded the Sydney Myer Fund International Ceramics Award in Australia.

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  • Celedon teapot and cups
  • Blue/mauve tall vessel and altered form
  • Turquoise floor vessel
  • Blue floor vessel
  • Tenmoko pitcher
  • Raku vessel
  • Turquoise floor vessel