My work is based on the re-invention of old-world techniques in the design of modern objects. It is important to me to maintain the transparency of the glass, the property that makes it so unique. As the light passes through the vessel, blending the colors, patterns and textures from all sides, it creates colors and graphic interactions that vary depending on the perspective of the viewer in specific ways. Since the color patterns are made from mosaics of handmade strips, tiles and panels that are laid out and then fused together I have a reasonable amount of control over the end result. In mosaic form the patterns are very grid like and rigid. The process of shaping and blowing them into vessel form softens the lines and creates undulations in the patterns that are directly related to the colors, composition and the traditional glassblowing process.

Jeffrey P’an began his training in glassblowing at a glass studio located in southern New England. His design aesthetic and skills evolved during the time spent blowing glass at a local glass studio owned by friends.  He then gained glassblowing experience and knowledge by traveling to Italy and studying the Masters at work.  He enjoyed independent study in Murano, Venice and Italy.  When he returned home he served as an apprentice for several years.  It was at this point Jeff made the leap of faith to start his own glass blowing studio.

P’an exhibits his glass work at national and international craft exhibits including the Smithsonian Craft Show, the Philadelphia Craft Show, and the Palm Beach Fine Craft Show.  P’an was also selected to exhibit his works in Reticello 2002 at the Royal Collections at Rosenborg Castle, Ebeltoft, Denmark.

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