Susan Spies is an artist living and working in San Francisco. Her abstract paintings are a reflection on the places where man and landscape intersect; cantilevered steel structures that reach across the water, houses built into hillsides, and freeway as it curves along the rolling hills or spans the gaps in between.

From her studio in an old naval shipyard on the edge of San Francisco Bay, the combination of amazing natural vistas and the constructs created to control it are ever present. Her paintings illustrate the notion of vastness, ponder our assertion over it, and capture the experience of land, water, space, time and light.

Susan has exhibited paintings in galleries in northern California, Atlanta, Georgia, and the South of France. Her paintings are included in private and corporate collections across the country. Raised on the east coast, Susan is a graduate of the University of Michigans School of Art.

“My process begins with color, building up layers opacity and translucence to explore the subtleties and range of tone. The complexities and richness supersede the constrained palette.”

~ Susan Spies

Warm Springs Gallery

12 Katydid Trail
Warm Springs, VA 24484

Gallery Hours
April 15 – December 31
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 
11 am – 3 pm

Café Hours
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
11 am – 3 pm

Eigth Annual Bath County
Plein Air Festival

September 28 - October 4, 2020

For seven days artists will paint picturesque scenes throughout Bath County. Visitors and locals will have the unique opportunity to observe artists as they paint on location.

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