Exhibition Schedule

April 18 – June 8. 2020 Afternoon Reflections: 
A celebration of Virginia Streams and Rivers

The exhibit features over 30 paintings in a range of media by six artists from the mid-Atlantic: Patti Bartol, Ed Hatch, Christine Lashley, John MacDonald, Jeremy Sams, and Bradley Stevens.

April 18 – June 8. 2020 A Proud Assertion
A collection of floral paintings by Karen Blair, Mary Jo O’Gara, Carol Maguire, Melanie Parke, and Rokhaya Waring.

“Flowers….are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities in the world” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

May 1 – May 2. 2020 Painting Workshop with Beth Bathe Value and Composition using a Limited Palette

Demonstration, Exhibition & Reception for the Artist
Friday,  May 1,  3-5 pm  |  Warm Springs Gallery

Workshop with noon Lunch
Friday,  May 2,  9:30am-3:30pm  |  Warm Springs Gallery | $150
Price includes lunch

Known for blurring the line between watercolor and oil paintings, Beth Bathe’s unparraled style evokes feelings of nostalgia, like an old sepia-toned photograph. Beth uses unconventional tools along with her brushes focusing on composition, values, edges, and drawing rather than color. During this one-day intensive workshop, Beth shares her unique technique with students. In the morning, Beth will do a demo and show how she uses photography and simple apps on her phone to simplify forms, enhance value and emphasize composition. In the afternoon students will work outdoors on location ( weather permitting). Students are encouraged to use water soluble oils to get the most out of the workshop.


June 11 – August 3. 2020 Objects of Desire

Small intimate paintings by Trish Conrad, Loren DiBenedetto, Heather Ihn Martin

Each piece in this exhibit demonstrates the skill and ingenuity of the artists in transforming simple objects into extraordinary treasures.

June 11 – August 3. 2020 Tranquil Space

There are moments in nature that most of us experience only briefly-when the temperature, wind and light effects are such that we are transported to an interior space of reflection, peace and ease. These five artists; John MacDonald, Jeremy Sams, Loriann Signori, Brad Stevens, John David Wissler, have been able to harness this calming aesthetic, creating paintings that convey a reverence for the landscape.

August 6 – September 28. 2020 New Paintings by Henry Isaacs

Vermont artist Henry Isaacs paints with energy, passion, and self assurance. His style-broken brushwork and a palette of delicate blues, greens, pinks and yellows-marks him as one of the most recognizable artists painting in New England today. In person, Isaacs is as engaging an individual as you will ever meet. He is both worldly and down to earth, both witty and self-effacing, generous with his time, and passionate about the dangers of the art world’s becoming overly commercialized.

August 6 – September 28. 2020 Alive with Color
New Paintings by Philip Koch, Ryan Russell, Jane Schmidt & Tara Will

All of these artists have vibrant palettes and distinctive styles that literally “Come Alive with Color.” Come explore these wonderful artists and their visions of the world around us!

September 28 – October 4. 2020 Bath County Plein Air Festival

Warm Springs Gallery is delighted to announce the Eighth Annual Bath County Plein Air Festival September 28 – October 4, 2020, celebrating the tradition of outdoor painting with some of the finest painters from Virginia and across the country. Thirty nationally acclaimed artists will set up their easels, pull out their paintbrushes and document the landscape and culture of Bath County, Virginia. This year the festival will focus on the still life in the landscape.

Warm Springs Gallery

12 Katydid Trail
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Gallery & Cafe Hours

April 1 – December 31, 2022
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Ninth Annual Bath County
Plein Air Festival

September 26 – October 2, 2022

For seven days artists will paint picturesque scenes throughout Bath County. Visitors and locals will have the unique opportunity to observe artists as they paint on location.