Ryan Russell, Sun Dropping, 26x36, oil

Ryan Russell, Majestic Blue Ridge with Bales, 20x10, oil

Ryan Russell, Red Orange Dawn, Three Bales, 30x42, oil

Ryan Russell, Fading Snow at Markey's, 30x15, oil

Ryan Russell, Purple Haze, 36x54, oil

Ryan Russell, Radiant Clouds at Perkin's Farm, 20x10, oil

Ryan Russell studied art and history at the University of Rochester, where he received his BA. He went on to earn his MFA in drawing and painting at James Madison University. He has also studied in Italy, where he was assistant director of James Madison University’s art program abroad in Florence, Spring 1986, and in Portugal at the Escola de Belas Artes, Oporto.

Russell has taught painting and drawing in Virginia since 1992. He currently teaches painting at the Beverly Street Studio School in Staunton. He has exhibited widely throughout Virginia and the southeast, and has won many awards for his work. Corporate collections include Capital One Corporation, Duke University Health Care, Hyatt, Johnson & Johnson, SAS Inc, and Warner Brothers.

“In general, I am drawn to the abstract features of the landscape. I look for surprising color and shape relationships and I try to capture the fleeting quality of light as it moves through space. I usually work on-site, favoring the process of seeing and reacting over any other, and I live with the inherent limitations of that process.”


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